We Produce Design Oriented Engineering Solutions.

Dgn Engineering was established to provide design and engineering services to companies in the public and private sectors operating in Turkey and abroad. Thanks to our expertise in steel structures and solutions tailored to your needs; In your planned investment projects, it provides you with much more economical budgets without sacrificing quality.

DGN Engineering, which is the leading company in its field thanks to its expert staff and professional team, produces and designs the dreams of its business partners with the best engineers.

DGN Engineering aims to create value for the customer and to fully meet customer expectations.

3D Design

We make 3D designs for manufacturing and assembly for your projects. Thus, we help every project you dream of become a reality. When minor or major changes are made it is easier to see the impact on the overall design; this helps finalize the design without any changes or corrections that entail cost and post-construction cost.

Project Design

We carefully design your projects. We produce technical design and engineering solutions by completing the detailed analysis and feasibility studies of the projects in the working areas. Our working principle is to produce the right solution in the shortest possible time and with the most fair budget, by considering the quality of work in the first place, in accordance with the engineering ideals, by blending the most accurate solution with the high technology.


Mission, Vision and Values

To be an innovative and creative engineering company that understands the needs and expectations of our customers, offers them the most accurate engineering solutions, works in the requested time frame, without sacrificing quality, dynamic, constantly improving itself in order to closely follow modern design and sectoral technology developments...


To practice design, engineering and production processes at world -class and to realize innovative ideas that will reach commercial success. Analyzing customer requirements and giving direction to the sector with each project we do...


To design what you want by combining our imagination with our expert colleagues and professional team. Being result-oriented, adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, not compromising on quality, being innovative, transparent, creative and open to development...